But behold you would not receive me

When you hear warnings of destruction coming upon humanity, do you also hear the good news of invitation to turn around? That there is time left to change? Where is your focus?

Migration and climate change result out of a moral crisis where humanity is on a path of separation from each other and from the needs of the Earth. What would be a moral course of action: a response of joining in, of coming together, of ushering in a new age of global Reunion?

The world’s leading climate scientists have warned this week that there is only a dozen years for global warming to be kept to a maximum of 1.5C, beyond which even half a degree will significantly worsen the risks of drought, floods, extreme heat and poverty for hundreds of millions of people. “It’s a line in the sand and what it says to our species is that this is the moment and we must act now. This is the largest clarion bell from the science community and I hope it mobilises people and dents the mood of complacency.”

This week’s reflection text comes from Helaman 5:7-9 in Community of Christ’s version of the Book of Mormon. These are words both of warning and of invitation to change from the course that the Nephites were on. In the scriptures, God sends angels and prophets to help us change. In society today, we have scientists and different scenarios of the future. We know it is not too late. Which scenario do you want to live under: destruction due to complacency or the good news of radical change?

“Heavy destruction awaits this people, and it surely will come to this people, and nothing can save this people save it be repentance and faith on the Lord Jesus Christ, who surely shall come into the world, and shall suffer many things, and shall be slain for his people. Behold, an angel of the Lord has declared it to me, and he brought glad tidings to my soul. And, behold, I was sent to you to declare it to you also, that you might have glad tidings; but, behold, you would not receive me.”



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